**Paten urgently wanted**

Wedlemson (11 years) is a boy of our fostership programme. His actual fosterfather had to cancel his support for him to his regret. Wedlemson ist a good student and goes to a good school. His father Is sick, but he does his best to maintain his family of seven members in spite of all unfavourable circumstances. The fostership is a big aid to be able to pay the school fees. Please help so that the good support of Wedlemson can continue and he can reach a good school leaving qualification and help his family himself through a profession one day.

For further information please contact us via the contact form.


The solar panel equipment could be installed!

We are extremely happy!

In a tireless and heroic effort Kurt Lauck, Manfred Zapp and Johannes Härle were able to install the solar equipment during a two weeks non-stop effort.

After the container with the solar equipment  was transported by ship beginning march and after it arrived in Cap Haitian/Haiti on 6 April, Dieufort Wittmer could get it out of the customs (manage all documents) in a record time of few days only with full commitment.

Now, almost all houses have permanent current. What a big alleviation and joy.

We do thank all those who contributed to this, that it could be realized: many, many thanks!


Tragical coach accident in Gonaives

A tragical accident happened on Sunday morning, 12th March 2017 in Mapou, a suburb of Gonaives. A fully occupied coach dashed in an unlit Rara group. 38 people died.

The partner of one of our laundry women (Jesula) is among the victims.  He only picked up a Rara mate with his motorcycle , was seized by the coach and died still at the scene of the accident. Our condolence is aimed at all families of the 38 victims, our sympathy for the 13 injured people, the passengers of the coach and the driver.

All other co-workers here and our volunteers are unscathed. Thanks to God!

Jwayé Noel!

Once again, an eventful year is coming to a close. We wish you all a peaceful and contemplative holiday season and a successful and wonderful New Year!

The employees of the Lebensmission in Germany, Switzerland and Haiti!



***urgent call for help***

*Urgent call for help*            *urgent call for help*             *urgent call for help*

The following foster children lose their sponsorship as their foster mother had to move to a nursing home and was obliged to cancel her payments (donations). All children have already started their school career. Should they now be deprived of all their hope for a better future because of ending or terminating their sponsorship? It had begun so nicely and suddenly they are all left without support and do not know how to go on.

Thus, we urgently seek foster parents who would be ready to take over the sponsorship for one child or several children and finance their education up to finishing school or a training. Who helps?

If interested or for further inquiries/information please contact the office of Lebensmission e.V.,  “Jesus für Haiti”,  Ahornstr. 19, 76929  Landau, tel. no. +49 – (0)6341/ 82331, E-Mail: lebensmission@t-online.de

Dianise Remy, born 02.12.2001, 10. class  -mediated sponsorship-

Jeffte Debreus, born 19.11.1999, 11. class   -mediated sponsorship-

Esnie Oltin, born 15.11.1995, 13. class  -mediated sponsorship-

Fedna Phaton, born 03.03.1994, 3rd year of training to become a nurse  -mediated sponsorship-

Merline Florestal, born 04.05.1998,  2015/16  8. class  -mediated sponsorship-

Noren-Cergy Dieujuste, born 03.03.1997,  2015/16 12. class -mediated sponsorship-

Wiskender Jean-Baptiste, born 18.11.2016, 2015/16 10. class  -mediated sponsorship-

Alberte Wenderly Jean Gilles, born 01.01.2011, 1. class  -mediated sponsorship-

dianise-r  jeffte-debreus esnie-oltin  fedna-phaton  merline-florestalnoren-cergy  wiskender  alberte






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