Who We Are

Lebensmission “Jesus for Haiti” is a nondenominational Christian ministry that provides aid and relief.

Two groups exist under the name “Lebensmission ‘Jesus für Haiti’,” one in Germany (Lebensmission e.V. – “Jesus für Haiti”) and one in Switzerland (Lebensmission – Schweiz “Jesus für Haiti”), each according to the respective laws of their country. Lebensmission is also known as Mission de Vie “Jésus pour Haïti,” a European relief organization in Gonaives, Haiti. They are one entity.

The German group of Lebensmission is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the Tax Office (Finanzamt) of Landau/ Pfalz, and is authorized to issue tax receipts. The tax receipts are issued every January unless otherwise requested.

With the approval from the Finance Directorate,

of the canton which Zurich belongs to, Lebensmission – Schweiz “Jesus für Haiti” has been tax-exempt since January 25, 1993 (Nr. 10016). Lebensmission – Schweiz “Jesus für Haiti” is recognized as a non-profit organization in the following cantons: ZH, BL, BE, TG.